Most people think nothing about what happens when the water goes down the drain until…

“What if I have a sewer problem?”

If the problem is with only one fixture and you are not familiar with plumbing, you may want to contact a licensed plumbing professional.

If you have a problem with your entire system, please contact us first. We will respond in a timely manner to evaluate your problem at no charge to you. Trained operators will inspect your service cleanout to determine if the problem can be corrected by City staff or advise you to contact a plumbing professional.A sewage pump truck

During business hours contact:

Public Works Department
(850) 729-5407

City Hall
(850) 729-5402

After hour emergency contact:

Valparaiso Police Department
(850) 729-5400

The City is constantly at work to ensure the collection system is maintained to operate in a safe, healthy and efficient manner. Your system runs to the right of way either in front of your house or in some cases the back of your house. The City’s responsibility begins at the right of way. From there, waste flows down gravity lines until it reaches the lowest point and is collected in a lift station where electronic pumps push waste (lift) to a higher elevation and continues this journey until it reaches the final station.

The City of Valparaiso wastewater collection system is made up of approximately 25 miles of piping and seventeen (17) lift stations. Each lift station is inspected, evaluated and serviced daily to ensure peak performance. The collection system receives all wastewater from each residence and business, and then pumps it from Highland Park to the NVOC Regional Wastewater Plant located on Highway 85 North in Niceville. The City shares ownership of the NVOC Plant with the City of Niceville and Okaloosa County.

Rates are based upon water consumption. All new connections require a City permit. Connections must be made in accordance with City Code and must be inspected by the Building Inspector prior to being placed into service.