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Valparaiso has expanded Recycling program

The City of Valparaiso has expanded recyclable material collection.  We have constructed a holding area which is used to collect, bale and prepare materials for transport to a recycling center.  We have two drop off points located at City Hall and Lewis Middle School for residents and non-residents to bring their items.  This will decrease the waste stream currently going to a landfill and offer an alternative means of disposal.  There is no increased cost associated with this service.


Drop off locations:

1)      City Hall- 465 Valparaiso Pkwy
2)      Lewis Middle School- 281 Mississippi Ave

Materials accepted

Please place items in designated bins.

1)      Cardboard- Corrugated Cardboard or Boxboard (cereal box)
2)      White office paper
3)      Mixed paper/newspaper
4)      Plastics- #1 (PET or PETE) and #2 (HDPE)
5)      Aluminum cans, which will continue to be donated to the fireworks fund
Due to the current market it is not cost effective to recycle glass containers at this time.
Please help us out! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Special thanks go to Lewis Middle School for supporting our recycling efforts by providing a strategically placed drop off location!