A photo of a nervous looking dog and a black cat

The Public Works Department provides Animal control services within the city limits.

Dogs found at large will be impounded by the City and held for 72 hours before being turned over to Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Contact the Police Department at (850) 729-5400 if your dog is missing.  There is a $35.00 plus $3.00 a day fee for impounded dogs.

All cats are transported same day to PAWS.  Live traps are available, to catch stray cats, at the Public Works Field Office located at 600 Valastics Ave with a $50.00 deposit.

City Ordinance requires residents to keep all dogs under restraint or confined to a fenced yard at all times. Special confinement procedures are necessary when dogs and cats are in heat to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Should you have questions on this subject, please call the Police Department.  All dogs must be kept under restraint at all times and not allowed to run at large. When leashed the dog shall be in control by the owner at all times.

Valparaiso is a bird sanctuary and it is unlawful to trap, harm or kill birds within the city limits.

For all wildlife concerns please reference the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Web page on Living With Wildlife:

Although relocation is sometimes necessary, trapping and relocating wildlife is a last resort and only warranted if all other measures have failed and an animal becomes a threat. Removing one animal may only serve to open up territory for others to move in. Rather than getting your feathers ruffled, make simple accommodations to avoid wildlife conflicts then relax and enjoy the wonders of wildlife in your own backyard.